Parents & Teachers –

Do you have a bright but struggling learner who:

* Feels frustrated, angry, exhausted, or depressed?

* Just wants learning to be easier?

* Has challenges but you don’t know why?

* Can reason, but struggles with arithmetic?

* Is dyslexic or has other reading challenges?

* Cannot remember even a short list of tasks?

* Is distractible and cannot focus for very long?

* Disrupts, over-reacts, or is socially awkward?

* Is clumsy, lacks coordination, trips and falls, etc?

* Lacks project planning and organizational skills?

* Is hypersensitive? Or sensation-seeking?

* Suffers from anxiety and stress?

Head Down Frustrated

Chances are excellent that:

* You know the diagnosis but not the causes.

* Your child’s learning strengths are not being

fully recognized or used.

* Your child’s unique learning style may be different

than the prevalent teaching style.

If you would like your child or teen to:

* Be focused & engaged in life & learning?

* Wake up each morning eager to learn?

* Be happy, healthy, & productive?

* Experience healthy self-esteem?

* Enjoy reading, writing, & math?

* Discover hidden potential?

* Be empowered?


Then step onto the Path of Learning Success with

Whole Learning CoachingTM!


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