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Deb Singleton is the founder and creative force of Lotus Learning Power. Deb empowers exceptional/alternative young learners to understand their unique learning and personal styles, capitalize on their strengths to address their challenges, and thrive in educational, personal, and career settings.  In the process, her clients discover previously hidden potential, dramatically increase self-esteem, often resolve behavioral and relationship issues, and reclaim the joy of learning.

For over 35 years, Deb has enjoyed coaching, advising, and teaching young people, particularly teens, in both traditional and alternative settings (including homeschooling).  She has deep knowledge and experience with innovative teaching strategies, giftedness, learning challenges, brain plasticity, psychology and traumatic brain injury.  Deb believes each of us is a treasure in this universe, a unique individual worthy of her respect, compassion, and faith.  She is honored to serve as resource to students, parents, and educators alike.

A Personal Note from Deb:

 Hi and welcome!

I created Lotus Learning Power and the Whole Learning Coaching system in response to the needs of some of the most amazing young people on the planet, many of whom are Twice-Exceptional (2E) because they are very bright but also challenged in a variety of ways.

My path to Whole Learning Coaching started with our daughter. When she was little, she was painfully (painfully!) shy, was reluctant to read, and turned out (I discovered quite by accident) to be a highly visual and tactile learner. In public school, she would have been labelled emotionally and reading delayed, would have had to do lots of remedial work, and would have learned to hate both reading and herself.

Our son was a kinesthetic handful (!) and quite likely would have been diagnosed with ADHD and asked to go on meds – except that he did not have ADHD and we knew it. He could focus quite well when he wanted. He was just extremely curious, spontaneous, impatient, and needed to learn through movement as well as his intellect. There’s an important distinction there.

Fortunately, we discovered home schooling (in the lifeschooling tradition). We still struggled (tears and fears anyone?) with their challenges, but we had time to learn how they learn best, then mirror that back to them so they could use their strengths to work on their challenges. It worked. Well.

Along the way, two of their friends joined us in our home schooling. Both were delightful and bright, but they struggled with learning differences that made it challenging to learn in the typical teaching environment. The sadness, frustration, rage, loss of creativity and enthusiasm for learning, and self-loathing that I saw in them was tragic and broke my heart. They had been so misunderstood, had suffered deeply (deep depression was just one symptom), and needed the help and healing we could provide. My “learning how they learn” process got faster, more effective. They needed it right away.

What these kids taught me was this.  They are complete and whole just as they are – there is nothing “wrong” with them. What was wrong is that their strengths were not being recognized and used, and their needs were not being met. Trust me, it was not always easy to parent or teach these 2E kids! We had a lot of struggles along the way. But once we identified their strengths, honored their needs, and addressed their challenges using their learning strengths, their lives and learning changed forever. They were able to reclaim their love of learning, their hope, and their success in both learning and life within months.

Fast forward to today. All four of “my kids” have grown into happy, healthy, creative, fun, sensible, and productive young adults. I have distilled my 35+ years of experience, learning, and intuition into the Whole Learning Coaching system that starts creating results for clients right away – not after months or years!

I am so excited to be part of and witness to the blooming of my clients!  The results have been amazing. So I invite you to enter with me into the world of Whole Learning Coaching today!  Contact us with your questions, opt in to receive my E-zine or schedule a free Discovery Session with me, prowl through our Resources, and begin enjoying the results of Whole Learning Coaching for your child and yourself.