Lotus Learners

Lotus Learners

In Eastern traditions, the lotus is the symbol of unfolding mystery, wonder, enlightenment, creativity and beauty.  It is a water plant, whose many-petaled flowers rise above the surface of still waters and often glow as if lit from within.  Large circular flat leaves either rise with the flower or float directly on the water’s surface. From the center of each flower, a single exotic seed cone magically emerges, its flat top studded with seeds of future potential.

The lotus is an enchanting image for the radiant potential and the miraculous unfolding of a growing, learning individual.

Lotus for websitehttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nelumbo_nucifera_RB4.JPG#/media/File:Nelumbo_nucifera_RB4.JPG

But – just like our clients –

There’s a great deal more to the lotus plant than what is seen at first glance!

Surprisingly, a huge part of the lotus plant is unseen – because it is below the water’s surface.  The lotus sprouts from a seed buried in the rich, fertile mud at the bottom of a pond or lake and puts a nest of roots down into the mud.  Its stem grows horizontally in the mud, becoming a fleshy tuber (like yams or parsnips) that can grow to be several feet long!  And though we marvel at the large leaves we can see, the lotus grows many underwater leaves before any leaves grow the 2 to 7 feet to emerge above water.  So you see, the flower and leaves of the lotus that we enjoy above water are just a fraction of the whole being.

   “A huge part of the lotus plant is unseen – because it is below the water’s surface.”Long Lotus Roots


When you think about it, all this is pretty miraculous. But there’s something even more miraculous.  The American Journal of Botany reports that lotus seeds were found in northeastern China that were about 1300 years old, yet still germinated and grew! Talk about resilient!!

Lotus Bud

Think of it.  All that potential [beauty, wonder, creativity, productivity, innate seed intelligence] untapped, for lack of a sufficiently nurturing environment in which to grow, or unrecognized because people don’t know where – or how –  to look for it.

Sound like anyone you know?    Someone bright but struggling to learn?  If so, contact us.  We do know how to help youth (ages 9 – 22) discover and tap into their learning strengths so they can learn joyfully and effectively, thrive, and live into their potential!