“Mary Poppins would sing about you! I can’t thank you enough for the academic and emotional support you provide. When the girls leave from a session with you, they are so energized, enthusiastic, empowered, &  confident.”

– Lynn, Parent, Evanston, IL


 “Deb creates a safe environment to nurture her students, allowing them to excel.”

– Terrie, Parent and Learning Co-op Facilitator, Evanston, IL


“My sincere thanks to Deb. Wow! She is very good at what she does, both in teaching B and in helping us all to better understand him and the specifics of his learning style.”

– Susanne, Therapist, Winnetka, IL


“Thank you for an amazing collaboration! I learn something new from you every time we talk.”

– Vicki, Learning Behavior Specialist, Wilmette, IL


“Over two days last week I sat next to Deb Singleton as she shared and talked with parents at the Unschoolers Platform Conference. As I’ve worked on my doctorate in educational psychology and two Master’s degrees in education I’ve become very familiar with many of the theories and approaches shared by Deb. I’ve heard these theories overstated and sometimes prescribed by others, but I’ve never heard them shared with the level of caution and understanding that I heard sitting within earshot those two days. Deb holds a level of appreciation and caution seldom seen outside of clinical researchers and yet applies the concepts with the heart of a teacher. She does not offer a ‘silver bullet’ but instead seeks to establish a system by which students can effectively learn. Her passion and compassion for all learners makes her a truly unique and very needed asset in our current educational environment.”

-Sean Tikkun, Education Instructor, Northern Illinois University

Clients* Succeed with Whole Learning Coaching!

Struggles Before Coaching


Successes After Coaching

Dyslexic; nausea, headache, exhaustion from reading; year behind in reading; refused to read

Reads entire short stories in one sitting, at grade level; “feels great” during and after

ADHD; Sustained homework attention for only a few minutes at a time; homework chronically behind, incomplete, & missing

Studies comfortably for 30 minutes at a stretch; homework consistently completed and in on time

Flunking chemistry; standardized test score did not reflect actual ability

Raised chemistry grade to B+ ; dramatic improvement on standardized test

Given a list of tasks, remembered & completed only 1 or 2

Able to remember & complete 10 or more given tasks

Depressed, hopeless, & high anxiety; low functioning even in alternative day school; had given up

4.0 grade point at community college; a dynamic tutor & teacher; at 22, enjoys running his successful national business

Family life stressful; AMs chaotic                   on school days

Family life enjoyable; peaceful and organized on school mornings

“My brain is defective. I can’t do anything right.”

“I am excited about the success I am having. I feel very good about myself.”

Weak social skills; poor class participation; often disruptive

Very good eye contact & body language; well-mannered & respectful; responsive & participatory

Motor planning delays – clumsy, awkward, falling

Coordinated and balanced; learns dance steps in minutes

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*Actual Results for Lotus Learning Power Clients